Samples of my work

I have no degrees from prestigious art schools or anything of that sort to brag about. But, I do have an incredible passion for capturing moments in photographs, art, poetry and music. I strive for pieces that people can relate to and have strong emotion about; artwork that can stand the test of time. With so many distractions and fads in today’s hectic lifestyle, I try to create pieces that are lovely and have a way of reminding us of those precious and beautiful things that our eyes have glimpsed only rarely and that make our hearts leap within us. Every art piece I create must do one of two things. It must lift the spirit or soften the heart. No matter which Bible translation you prefer, 2 Corinthians 12:9 packs a very uplifting message. It speaks of Christ’s power being made perfect in weakness. I am speaking to you as a man who has never seen a color in my life and who can only see the “Big E” on the eye chart. Art wouldn’t seem a practical choice, but it is nothing short of a miracle what He allows me to do! He has rewarded my passion and determination with the works you see here. Thank you for reading, and enjoy your stay. -jrh